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Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row Grand Opening + Elaina’s Review

This past Sunday Dierks Bentley had the grand opening party of his new Whiskey Row location in Nashville! A LOT of his famous friends showed up to celebrate and cover 90s country songs. I mean, seriously…it was STAR STUDDED. Lauren Alaina, Brothers Osborne, Lanco, Maddie and Tae, Maren Morris, Jon Jardi, Thomas Rhett, cold Swindell and MORE showed up for the opening night (it’s actually been open since New Years Eve, but this was the official night). TBH – I was too busy dancing and taking pictures to write down all the songs that were performed, but here’s what I can recall:

Lauren Alaina – Man I Feel Like a Woman, Any Man of Mine (with Jon Pardi)

Maren Morris – Strawberry Wine

Thomas Rhett – That ‘Aint My Truck (his dad’s song…awwww)

Maddie & Tae – Lesson in Leaving

Brother’s Osborne – Chatahoochie

Jon Pardi – Like a million, he kinda became the house band, and then the DJ later in the night LOL!

Check out some pictures and video:

My review

While it may not be THAT full of stars every night, there is no telling who you might see on any given day of the week. I talked to a few stars that said they’ve already been frequenting the place, and it hasn’t even been open for a full month! I can not stress this enough: if you come to Nashville (or are here) you have GOT to check it out!! There are 4 different levels. the view on top is AMAZING. I hear on a usual night, the 2nd floor (where we were) plays hip hop music, then there is a floor for today’s country, and one for 90s country. The vibe is awesome and so Nashville.

I got to try two items from the food menu, I’m getting both of them again. Mac & Cheese with bacon, and the regular cheeseburger. I also tried the Dierks Lemonade, it was whiskey with like a pink lemonade and it was really great, but a little too sweet for me. So if you’re going for fruity…GET IT!! 

Overall, it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while, and I can’t wait to go check it out again. And to spend a lot of time on that rooftop this Summer 😉

Warning: don’t wear ripped jeans. I had a friend who was denied entry because of holes in the knees, so yeah..just a heads up.